Funky Fresh is now CLOSED

We're leaving this great page up as a resource for ideas and inspiration but the store is no longer open. Come visit our new project: Amuse - Modern Cottage Industry in Press Bay Alley on Green St.

Lifestyles of the Thrifty and Funktastic

Funky Fresh Ithaca supports local Artisans and Crafters creating homemade items to add extra special flair to your funky home. Click on the links below to check out our favorite local creators and the goodies they sell at Funky Fresh.

Funky Junk Store Fixtures

Artist of the Season
Each season we feature an Artist with cool and funky work we want to share with you both at the store and here on the blog.  Our endeavor is provide a thoughtful space to discuss all kinds of art, and to promote local Artists.  The opinions and expressions of those we profile does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Funky Fresh or the Authors herein.  

Winter 2013- Jillian Mara Zeigler- "This is where I feel I will sound esoteric and a bit silly, but I see colors that want to be featured and work with just those colors." You can contact Jillian directly at jynjin19[at]hotmail[dot]com and check out her website Jillian Mara for more inspiring Art.

Fall 2012Sean Taranto- Sean's tribal inspired art "is the immersion of reality into Fantasy. It is a link to my inner magic.I'm a conduit of inspiration."

Summer 2012Sam MameliSam is a recent graduate of Alfred University Art School, in Alfred NY. If you run into him on the street you'll recognize him as "about 5'10'', I wear a red hat, glasses, and have outdated facial hair." Check out his website Milk in a Jar or his Tumblr page for more images of his work, and contact him directly at Sdmameli[at]gmail[dot]com.

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