Funky Fresh is now CLOSED

We're leaving this great page up as a resource for ideas and inspiration but the store is no longer open. Come visit our new project: Amuse - Modern Cottage Industry in Press Bay Alley on Green St.

CeCe Caldwell's Paints

Funky Fresh uses CeCe Caldwell's earth-friendly paints.  What makes them earth-friendly?  The mineral based paint is comprised of clay and chalk in a water base.  There are no chemicals, no solvents, no toxins in it.  Even the waxes and finishes are eco-friendly!  They are made from insect and plant sources.
CeCe Caldwell's is safe for anyone to use.  Safe for homes with children and pets.  Safe for artisans, do-it-yourselfers, families.  Safe for people with respiratory illnesses or folks who want to have a small impact on their environment.
The paint is packaged in recycled, and recyclable plastic containers.  It it also self-priming, so there is no need for primers at all!
The range of colors is inspired by mountains majesty, waves of grain, and all the towns from sea to shining sea. 

Funky Fresh sells CeCe Caldwell's Paints in a variety of sizes.  Get a quart for that side table upcycling project, or half a pint to work on household items like lamps or frames.  CeCe Caldwell's works well to bring out the best in anything and bring out the artist in you.
  Stop by Funky Fresh today to get yours!

Check out CeCe Caldwell's online, to find out where you can get these awesome paints if you don't live near Funky Fresh Ithaca.


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