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Monday, February 25, 2013

Jillian's Drawers

Welcome to Jillian's Drawers!

Downtown on the Ithaca Commons, only a few shops away from Funky Junk is Jillian's Drawers, a locally and mom owned, mom-operated, and family friendly store.  The business started in baby Jillian's bedroom, when her mom, Mandi was trying out cloth diapers. Mandi began her small business with the aim of helping other parents learn to use cloth diapers. After a few busy years of working out of the bedroom, Mandi expanded in 2008 to a retail shop, and then in 2010 to the spacious and bright shop on the Commons.

Selling everything from baby carriers to toys to cloth diapers, Jillian's Drawers specializes in natural and earth-friendly products. Everything in the store is safe for kids. Their goals are to support and educate the community of moms, offer high-quality and safe products, support other local businesses, and work sustainably.

 This is where Funky Junk comes in!  Mandi sells non-toxic, BPA and Phthalate free items, but she also wants the store itself to be safe. So she shops at Funky Junk! There she can find fixtures for her store that won't be toxic for any of her shoppers.  "Funky Junk is a good resource for safe fixtures because they go above and beyond in their furniture upcycling." 

Mandi appreciates that Funky Junk always has reused furniture available that is non toxic. She firmly believes in recycling and reuse. Thus, she is "glad they can do that," and she doesn't have to worry about dealing with the process of refurbishing old items. Funky Junk makes her life easier and her store safer!

Mandi has purchased several items from Funky Junk over time, and they all fit perfectly into her colorful store.

Mandi is also glad that Funky Junk is so close by! She says she is "interested in following their changes and growth, as they expand and move into their new store."  Locals like Mandi at Jillian's Drawers are the epitome of Local Love! 

Mandi and two colorful Funky Junk tables.

Stop by Jillian's Drawer's on the Commons, or their website for more.


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