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We're leaving this great page up as a resource for ideas and inspiration but the store is no longer open. Come visit our new project: Amuse - Modern Cottage Industry in Press Bay Alley on Green St.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Fix-Up Friday- Part 5

 In recent weeks, Funky Junk owners Kristina and David have been consulting with appropriate workmen, carpenters, and electricians about the new Funky Junk Island location.
They are assessing what they want to be done, and weighing that against what must be done for the building to be welcoming and habitable. 
It's a big space and there is much to plan and do.  It's got to be done right, and Funky Junk is doing it!
Stay tuned for more to come!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Inspiring Upcycles

It's a busy time of year, but Funky Junk keeps on Upcycling.  Here are a few more pieces to spur your holiday ideas!
 This fun side table was painted in Annie Sloan Versailles by the skilled hands of Dan. 
Kristina decoupaged the funky bike on top.  And Dan, Kristina, and Ricky all contributed to this perky little table's finishing.

Dan upcycled this overlooked little glass top, tea tray table.  Simply White paint by CeCe Caldwell's.  A wash of Maine Harbor Blue.  Distressed and waxed to perfection. 

This standard old table was in poor shape. 
Until Kristina got her hands on it!  Now it's ready to grace your holiday home with subtle peace. 
Come on in to the store and take your pick of these Funky Fresh Upcycles!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meet Daniel

Daniel is Funky Junk's Assistant Manager, and a jolly fellow.  He was raised in Hornell, but has lived in Ithaca for thirty years.  Daniel loves Art, and ended up in Art and Interior Design field.  He's got a great sense of color and style to boot.
What does Daniel find challenging about working at Funky Junk?  Having such a strong sense of Design!  He wants to do so much, and has so many ideas and plans for Upcycling pieces, he can't always get to a piece before another employee or a customer does first.
What does Daniel love about Funky Junk?  He is "paid to come in and play."  He is a social person and very much enjoys talking with customers and the other employees.  Overall, Daniel just "loves this business."

Monday, December 17, 2012

Chalkboard Class

Wednesday December 19th, 2012
Want to make something to write on?!  Well come on by Funky Junk on wednesday and use CeCe Caldwell's techniques to make a chalkboard piece.
Cost- $30
Bring a small side table to paint, or choose from an assortment of frames and small items provided.
Paint, chalk, brushes, and instruction included.
A perfect holiday gift!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Upcycled Purse-Making Class

Sunday December 16, 2012
 We all have a favorite old shirt or pair of jeans we no longer wear, but just can't bear to part with.  How about turning that item into a bag!?  Spring Nicole Smith, of ReGeneration Clothing, will be leading you to turn your old fabric into a purse.
Bring an old item of clothing or your favorite fabric that you want to recreate into a purse.
Bring an old purse to cut up, or other item to make handles.
Sewing materials, embellishments, and instruction included.
$10-20 Sliding Scale
An upcycled purse could make a great holiday gift, or a special treat for yourself!

Friday Fix-Up, Part 4

Winters in Ithaca can be a bit grey and cold. Not unlike the new Funky Junk location.
 This winter however, Kristina and David are working hard to make the old space spring to life.
And we all know that planting seeds indoors early, always leads to a colorful and sunny springtime.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recent Upcycled Furniture

Funky Junk has been bitten by the holiday spirit!  There have been all varieties of news and classes and events to announce, so you might have thought there was less Upcycling going on at the store.  But not so!  Funky Junk has been turning plenty of pieces of furniture upside down and giving them a holiday makeover.
Pick one up for a holiday gift!
This stunning checkerboard table was calculated perfectly, and executed superbly with CeCe Caldwell's Vintage White and Kentucky Mint paints by Kitty.  It's a small piece with a big vision!
David and Kitty painted these cute side tables in Annie Sloan's Paris Grey.  David then designed and created the his and hers bike stencils and stenciled them on. 
Kitty distressed the finish and waxed them.  They are perfect for any space- subtle, yet spinning with character!

This gorgeous dresser was done in CeCe Caldwell's Michigan Pine, with a faint dark wash and clear wax, by Kristina and Ricky. 

The hardware, painted in CeCe Caldwell's Myrtle Beach Sand, matches the painted insides of the drawers.  This piece has a lodge-style coziness and will bring a breath of fresh air to any room.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Holidays 2012

 Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at Funky Junk Ithaca!
David and Kristina, Dan, Ricky, Amanda, and Kitty.

Thank you so much for your business and your friendship, and for supporting a local, small, sustainable, and community-friendly shop throughout this past year!

(This is the old time face of Funky Junk.)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Touch Screen Glove-Making Class

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012
Smart screens are a great gift this holiday season.  How about giving a pair of touch screen friendly gloves along with that tablet?  David West will teach you how to turn a regular pair of gloves into touch screen compatible gloves.
Bring the pair of gloves you want to recreate.
Conductive thread and instruction included.
Cost ~$5
A quick, easy, and fun gift to give for the techie on your holiday list!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Fix-Up Friday- Part 3

The wrong side of the tracks.  That's historically what the West End of Ithaca was. 
In the late 1800's and early 1900's, the little triangle of land between two branches of the Cayuga Lake inlet, now where Rt 89 leaves town, was occupied by the Rhiners- People who were immigrants, homeless, and generally poor.  These "unsavory" characters were shunned and scorned by the Ithaca population at large.  But the Rhiners were fisherman, trappers, seasonal workers, and did what they could to survive.  Including helping each other out, and making their own Moonshine.
The land flooded easily, and the area was covered in small shanty town huts and structures. It was not an ideal place to live or build. 
These days Inlet Island is a bit more grown up.  There is so much packed into the little space once known as Moonshine Island.  It is the central location for Cayuga Wooden Boatworks, a wooden boat construction and repair shop and boat storage facility.  Island Health and Fitness, a superb fitness facility and home to Cayuga Medical Center rehab and wellness services, takes up a large portion of the island.  The JewelBox, a beautiful jewelry shop and gallery and home to local designer Mickey Roof, also makes its home here.
  The Island is an up and coming place to get fit, find beauty, and launch onto our lovely Cayuga Lake (and also get a good meal!).  And while the train tracks still are just over the water to the east, the west end is hardly the wrong side of the tracks any more.  When Funky Junk makes its home here, it will be THE place to BE!
Images and info from The History Center in Tompkins County.

Decoupage Class

Sunday December 9th, 4pm-6pm.

You will be led by Funky Junk Owner Kristina Thelen in decorating an object with the fun art of decoupage!

A collection of frames, lamp shades, trays, and other small items will be available to work on. Or bring your own small side table (24X24X24 or smaller).

Decorative maps, paper, brushes, Mod Podge included.
Check out the Events/Classes page for more general info on all Funky Junk Classes.

Holiday Card-Making Class

Sunday, December 9th, 11 am-1pm

Holiday time is here!  Check out Funky Junk's Holiday Card Making class with Barbara Bennett.
Barbara will set up several stations of different types of snowflake-themed holiday cards.  You can make one of each, or as many as you like!
All supplies provided.
Cost-  $20.

This is just a sampling of the card styles that will be available to make on Sunday.  More examples are on display at Funky Junk.  Check them out when you come in to sign up for this fun class!
For more details on December Classes at Funky Junk read here.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Paint Party!

To give you all a chance to get inspired for the season, Funky Junk is throwing a Holiday Paint Party to celebrate.
The Details-
December 7th 2012
at Funky Junk on the Commons
5-7 pm
Funky Junk will provide a range of 20+ CeCe Caldwell's colors, help in mixing new vibrant shades, and snacks for all.
You bring an item to paint, (no bigger than 24 by 24 by 24 - ie. lamp, side table, stool- or you can buy one at the store for 10% off that evening), the beverage of your choice, and your inner artist.
And to top it all off, CeCe Caldwell's Satin Finish!
The cost?
Sliding scale of 25$-30$.
Pay what you can, what it is worth to you, or what works for you.

Color your holiday with Funky Junk and CeCe Caldwell's!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Portraits and Paintings with Paper

Wednesday December 5th, 5pm-6:30pm
Create classic cut paper art as Corinne Stern's FLOOF Collage Party comes to Funky Junk!
Bring a landscape, still life, or portrait you wish to use as inspiration to make your own collage.
Paper, scissors, embellishments, and extras included.
Cost for the class at Funky Junk-  $15.
Corinne is offering a 20% discount to non-profit or family groups of 3 or more.
Corinne runs her own mixed-media studio in Ithaca, and her work was recently written about in the Ithaca Times.
You can also find out more about Corinne, FLOOF, and her work at her blog, or on Facebook.

Pre-Register today to make your own FLOOF collage!
Read the December Classes post for more general info on classes.
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