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Thursday, September 27, 2012

CeCe Caldwell's Display Case

We can't all look this good.
But now, thanks to having CeCe Caldwell's paint here at Funky Junk, we can all try.
Take this drab cabinet we have, desperately in need of a facelift,
and some paint!
 Kristina, Owner of Funky Junk, taking her time with Kissimmee Orange, and Santa Fe Turquoise.
It's not always so serious, but Kristina is serious about her work...
especially when the results look so amazing!
 Painting done. 
Now on to distressing and finishing, and picking out the funkiest knobs.

Maybe we CAN all look so good!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Creating Classes- Looking for your Ideas!

Are you interested in learning more about Do-It-Yourself Projects?
Want to discover the fine art of decoupage?
Or maybe you've always wanted to explore the world of re-upholstering?
Whatever the craft, art, or creativity you are aching to unearth, we want to know!
Funky Junk is now taking suggestions in the store for classes!  While we know what We like to create, we are interested in what You all are looking for.  The possibilities are endless...  color work with our new CeCe Caldwell's Paint, basic upcycling techniques, fabric upholstering, stencilling, and we might even be able to squeeze in a class about underwater basket weaving.  (You guys bring the water.)  You name it-we want to hear it!
Or perhaps you are a design teacher and want to share your love of color palettes? Maybe a sewing phenomenon who loves chair upcycling?  We are also taking recommendations and offers for you art experts out there to lead a class or two on your area of expertise. 
So stop by the store, and tell us what you like and what classes you think Ithaca needs.  (We can't take email suggestions due to the plethora of emails we get regularly- your ideas might get lost in digital land.)  We look forward to hearing any and all of your suggestions!
Classes will all be held at Funky Junk on the Commons, at varying times and dates.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Annie Sloan to CeCe Caldwell’s Paints: A Surprising Journey!

So there is some good news and some bad news…
For those of you who have been following us from the beginning of our crazy adventure, starting our little shop on the Commons, you know that it was always our intention to sell eco-friendly furniture paint, conduct workshops/classes on how to use it, and also be the place you could buy it from. We found the most wonderful product and we used it for a long time before the store was even a twinkle in our eye. It is called Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Then we were happy to get the go ahead to carry this wonderful product in our store! But alas, in the end, for a number of reasons, it didn’t end up working out.  This is the bad news.
 FUNKY FRESH ALERT: Annie Sloan Old White underneath
CeCe Caldwell’s Destin Gulf Green look to be rustic perfection.

Enter the good news! We soon found another product that had similar features and all the pieces fell right into place. Owner Kristina believes in signs! CeCe Caldwell’s Natural Chalk + Clay Paint is 100% NATURAL….did you hear that, no VOC’s! It comes in a plethora of spectacularly funky colors (36 of them!), is so ridiculously easy to use, and completely inspiring! It has so many possibilities, looks, finishes. From shabby chic, to rustic, to elegant polish, to modern pop! Natural earthy hues to vibrant pigments. We knew right away that Ithacans would fall head over heels in love with this product just like we did. And we are SO thrilled to announce that

We currently have our first supply in the store and we are able to sell it by the quart.  We will let you know when our official display is up, and when smaller size paint containers will be available. And yes, this means that we are FINALLY going to be having those workshops we dreamed of and trust YOU are as excited about that as we are. We can’t wait to tell you SO much more about this amazing product!

 IN TRANSITION: Layer of Annie Sloan Old White

But just in case there is any doubt, we gladly go on record to say that we still love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint too, the product that ignited our passion for painted furniture design. We will continue to direct folks up north to our friend, Tricia Kuntz aka The Purple Painted Lady, in Palmyra, to quench their thirst for beautifully artistic shops carrying Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. And that is where we will continue to personally buy the paint as we decide to use it in the future. If you would like to get a taste of what our friend, The Purple Painted Lady has up her sleeves; we encourage you all to attend her one-day only Barn Sale and Junk Jubilee! It is coming up soon, Saturday September 22nd from 10am-5pm in Palmyra. Check out The Purple Painted Lady on Facebook for more details.
   BEFORE it was simply some Funky Junk

Throughout this post is a picture of a blue green chair that Kristina just finished and is now available in the store. The first layer of Annie Sloan Old White with the finishing layer of CeCe Caldwell’s Destin Gulf Green wonderfully symbolizes beautiful beginnings, a spectacular finish, and a perfect result. The journey continues!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Shield-backed Dining Chairs

Don't you just want this scene in your kitchen?  Add a good friend, and your favorite drink and it makes staying in, much more attractive than going out.

But these shield-backed chairs were not always so Funky!  Their beautiful, vintage craftsmanship was lost in the dark wood and the boring and stained butterfly print on the seat.  They were left feeling a bit dark and heavy.
 We added some new fabric, a delightful brown and cream geometric pattern that really compliments the new color.  The paint is Kristina's mix of Annie Sloan antibes green, a blue latex, and a white latex, all swirled together in paintly goodness to make our own named Statue of Liberty green color.  The curves of the wood are beautifully visible now, and the chairs go quite well with a natural wood table.

With our usual high quality time and care, these chairs were upcycled into yet another fresh Funky Junk treasure.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Junkaholics Anonymous Membership Cards

No big deal. Nothin' to it. You can stop anytime you like.  Right?
Maybe not.  If you are addicted to the Junk like we are, you might need a little help.  That's why Funky Junk is now offering a Junkaholics Anonymous Membership Card.

Here's how it works...
 For every 10 dollars you spend at Funky Junk we'll stamp your Junkaholics Card (anonymously of course.)  When you reach 10 stamps you are entitled to 10 dollars off a future purchase at Funky Junk.
The SMALL print: When you complete your 10 stamps we will also stamp your card with the date. Your 10$ discount can only be used anytime after 2 weeks from that date. 
This gives you a nice reward for shopping with us, and gives us a chance to help you find more great Funky finds in the future. 

Funky Junk is a family-run, local shop and we are grateful for your business.  This is our way of thanking you for supporting us, as we support our community.  So stop by and get your Anonymous Membership Card today.  We won't tell anyone you were here, but this is one club you just might want to tell all your friends about.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Sean Taranto

Sean Taranto
Our Fall Artist of the Season is Ithaca native Sean Taranto.  I asked Sean a few questions about his Art, his work, and his path.  Read on to hear Sean's thoughtful, and thought-provoking answers.
Why Art?
 Art is a way to show my inner emotion. Art helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It is a form of meditation and self analysis.

How did you begin on this path?
I have been practicing art all my life . My father and mother noticed my love for artistic expression very young and tried hard to let it blossom. My earliest love was working with modeling clay. Though my body of work is two dimensional, I love to express myself in what ever media I can.
I did go to art school. It helped to focus and hone my skill and improve my self discipline.
What do you like/dislike about your work?
I like to see the improvement in my work. I love to see my technique improve and grow through constant practice.

What role do you think Artist's have in today's society?  
 An artists role is to pull people out of themselves.  Help people be aware of what is available in life.
What's the best piece of advice you've been given?
Don't worry about copy writing your work. Just keep on producing newer and better work and it won't matter if someone steals it.
Do you have an Artist Statement?
Keep evolving and growing as an individual. Become more aware of your connections with people places and things.
"My art is the immersion of reality into Fantasy. It is a link to my inner magic. I'm a conduit of inspiration. I try to become more conscious of my inner struggle and become more aware of the internal and external energies." -Sean
Come in to Funky Junk this season to see and purchase Sean's work.

Each season we feature an Artist with cool and funky work we want to share with you both at the store and here on the blog. Our endeavour is provide a thoughtful space to discuss all kinds of art, and to promote local Artists. The opinions and expressions of those we profile does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Funky Junk or the Authors herein.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Molly Bargar

Meet Molly Bargar.  She makes thase swanky coasters and sells them here at Funky Junk.  But she's got a lot more going on in her creative world than the inventive coaster's you see here.

"My professional background is in Social Work.  I’ve worked with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in Ithaca for the past 8 years but have always been involved in making some type of art. Both my parents are artists, and I think the need to create was just passed down to me. Even as a kid I would paint any furniture I could get my hands on (I guess now that’s called upcycling.) Now, as an adult I’m focused on photography, and interested in graphic design, as well as fun crafts!"

"I think the need to create is innate.  Creating something--whether it’s art, music, food, etc. tends to make people happy!  It fills a need that is not substitutable by other means and helps us to feel whole."

"The coasters are just one part of my creative life.  I have various artistic and craftistic ventures including (but not limited to): making diaper cakes, rubber stamping, collage, and upcycling furniture.  My main artistic passion is photography which I use as a way to bring voice to those people and places who are often unheard or unseen."

"The coasters themselves are a lot like me—not always perfect, but fun and kinda useful anyway!"

Check out more of Molly's creativity at her websites 

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