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Friday, August 31, 2012

Sun-Kraft Desk Lamp

We all are on a "search for health and vitality in the benificence of the sun," are we not?  Well, if you want to enjoy the "health-giving bounty of the sun" in 1946 terms, check out Funky Junk's funkiest find yet- the Sun-Kraft UV lamp.
The Sun-Kraft was a wonderful invention back in the 40's.  It cured Rickets, cleared up bacterial infections, and also killed Lupus.  It was invented  after UV radiation was studied and found to help these various human illnesses.  The puzzle pieces were put together and scientists discovered that it was the vitamin D in the sun's UV light that helped heal these medical conditions.  And the low-cost, everyday home use of UV light was born.
  For a wealth of information, check out this handy dandy propaganda/documentary from the Sun-Kraft corporation that explains the science behind the UV light, and why YOU need one for your home too!
Of course, we now know that UV light causes sunburns, and that prolonged exposure leads to skin cancer. UV radiation is a known carcinogen, and most people cover their skin with sunscreen to protect from getting too much exposure. But the folks back then had not figured that out yet.
  Times have changed and science has informed us of a whole new world of truth, but this lamp remains a rare and special blast from the past. Worth a peek, and maybe a lot of conversation.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Uplifting side table

From dark, dank, and utterly depressing...
to something delightful you'll want to put next to your favorite chairs to lighten up your load, this upcycled side table has undergone quite a transformation. 
Got house room for it?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Funky Junk is Hiring!

UPDATE- We have found several stellar Funktastic associates to work with us.  Stay tuned in the future for openings that may arise.

We need a
service associate/comrade in sustainability! 
Call it what you like, but if you are a....
Hard worker
Local sustainability enthusiast
Problem solver
Person not afraid of getting his/her hands dirty
Easy going and gregarious personality
and obviously a
FUNKtastic Fanatic
then stop by the store for an application!
Offering 15-20 hours/week,
and the chance to move up quickly
in a fun, fast-paced work environment.

Friday, August 24, 2012

DIY lampshade

Tired of the boring old lampshades you see everywhere? How about doing something simple to jazz up a room?  It is so easy - you can Do It Yourself.  First pick your lampshade, and get some twine in your favorite color.
A little tape will hold it in place as you get started.  Just begin wrapping the shade tightly with the twine.  Some crafting glue will keep it together and allow you to close the gaps so there is no shade showing.
Keep going until you've gotten all the way to the bottom and tape and glue off the twine at the end.  Pick some colorful ribbon or cloth edging, and glue that around the bottom.  If you have a good stand for your lamp, you can repaint or refinish that too!
And there you go... a simple upcycle project that you did yourself.  Good Job- It's Beautiful!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lindsay Reynolds

Lindsay Reynolds makes us smile, and it's probably because she makes herself smile too!  She has a day job at Cornell, but is a creator on the side.  Her work speaks for itself, but we'll let her tell you a little more about it anyway...
"Crafting very much provides things in my life that school and research don't. It's really satisfying to work with my hands, and to have the results of my work be so tangible. Crafting really provides the perfect balance to my work as a researcher, and helps my peace of mind."
"As long as I can remember, I've enjoyed making things and crafting. In late 2007, I made some light switch covers for myself, and I loved how such a small detail like a pretty light switch cover made my room more cheery and fun. After that, as I found more fun and awesome papers I began making many more light switch covers than I could use myself. A friend suggested that I might be able to sell them, and I've been doing so ever since!"
 "I love that a small craft like decorative light switch covers can make such a big statement in a room. I think the little details can make or break a space. I dislike that there are so many different styles of light switches! It would make my life a lot easier if everyone had the same type."
 "I think the best piece of advice I've received is that life is too short to waste time doing things that don't make you happy, so I've tried to take that to heart and fill my life with things I enjoy!"
"I'm an avid video game player -when I'm not working or crafting, I'm playing video games- a budding crazy cat lady, and a Californian at heart. I love bright colors, animals, and happy spaces. (my office walls are painted lime green!)
Come by Funky Junk Ithaca to see more of Lindsay's work, and pick up a few colorful bits to brighten up your office walls.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Green apple dresser

This nice little dresser is available now in the store!

All it took was two coats of primer, and three coats of Benjamin Moore paint, applied with care.  This low-VOC enamel paint is available from the fine folks over at Ithaca Paint and Decorating, and comes in plenty of fabulous colors. We picked green apple green, which might bring back memories of the 70's for some.  For us, we are reminded how great it feels to transform a boring old piece of furniture into a funky treasure.  And now this shiny little treasure chest is ready to hold all of your favorite treasures. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunny chair

Ripped and torn, stained and worn,

this old seat was a needy one.

 But with Kristina's upholstery care, this perfect chair

 is now shining like the sun!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Do It Yourself

It's nice to buy something all refurbished and ready to fit into your living room.  And if you have been reading the blog, you know that upcycling is what we do best at Funky Junk. But we aren't the only ones with awesome upcycle skills- YOU can unleash your creativity with any of our DIY pieces. Do It Yourself projects are fun, earth friendly, and cheap.  Of course, at Funky Junk Ithaca there are plenty of opportunities to find that perfect project for your living room, while also finding your inner artist. 
Take these sweet stackable side tables, for example.  They are simple and sturdy, but they need a cleaning, sanding and a coat of your favorite paint.

Or maybe it's time to replace the dining chairs now that your toddlers have grown up and stopped throwing food all over the room.  Recreate your dining space by picking out a handful of chairs off our chair wall and refinish, reupholster, or repaint them.

How about a new lamp?  These dusty and dirty beauties work just fine, and might give your bedroom just that right splash of old school cool.  Not sure how to do it?  Just ask!  Kristina and David are a wealth of restoration knowledge, and want to share that with you.

The possibilities are endless, and at Funky Junk there are projects to keep you busy for many moons to come.  We'll post more here on the blog, but come on into the store to discover for yourself the full spectrum of where your creativity can take you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

blue side table poem

A plain old bedside table, of which there were a few...
sat upon a workbench, about to start anew.

Brush applies the paint, color bold and bright
to transform the table from day to cool dark night.

Now it sits awaiting, in a store quite junky
hoping you will take it home to give your life some funky.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Suite desk and stool

Upcycling at it's best.
This solid old desk was a sweet find.

And this petite, but ragged stool needed some help. 

Thanks to Funky Junk, they have both been recreated to fit perfectly into whatever suite you choose!

Available now at the Ithaca store.

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