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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Junkaholics Anonymous Membership Cards

No big deal. Nothin' to it. You can stop anytime you like.  Right?
Maybe not.  If you are addicted to the Junk like we are, you might need a little help.  That's why Funky Junk is now offering a Junkaholics Anonymous Membership Card.

Here's how it works...
 For every 10 dollars you spend at Funky Junk we'll stamp your Junkaholics Card (anonymously of course.)  When you reach 10 stamps you are entitled to 10 dollars off a future purchase at Funky Junk.
The SMALL print: When you complete your 10 stamps we will also stamp your card with the date. Your 10$ discount can only be used anytime after 2 weeks from that date. 
This gives you a nice reward for shopping with us, and gives us a chance to help you find more great Funky finds in the future. 

Funky Junk is a family-run, local shop and we are grateful for your business.  This is our way of thanking you for supporting us, as we support our community.  So stop by and get your Anonymous Membership Card today.  We won't tell anyone you were here, but this is one club you just might want to tell all your friends about.


Angie Fischbach said...

Great idea! Gives people incentive to want to keep coming back again and again to feed their need to find more great funky junk at the best place in town. This way they will be rewarded in more ways than one - they score best junk AND get rewarded!!! You can't go wrong with it!!!

Kristina said...

Thanks Angie, we love you and your wonderful comments!

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